Track of I.T. Tafseer Applications for the Holy Quran

The second track involves a number of key motivations in the field of I.T for the Holy Quran. First, this track involves developing applications for maintaining and swiftly invoking and comparing between various interpretations of the Holy Quran, various language interpretations and different interpretations of verses in a presentable and user-friendly manner. Second, this track involves research work in the census and statistics of the similarities in words and verses as well as the miraculous findings of the Quran.
Through this track the Center aims to commit to projects that gather and compile what has been published in the interpretation of the Holy Quran, using sophisticated computer-based techniques allowing for the application of research findings made and classification of statistics related to the various verses and topics of the Holy Quran. This track aims to establish cooperation in aspects of interpretation from professors at the Islamic University in Al-Madinah and possibly other Islamic universities and institutions.
An integral requirement in this track involves translation of the meanings of the Holy Quran, with particular emphasis on the translation of the topics of relevance in everyday dealings and global issues using different languages. Applications would then be developed for use in generic computer platforms, including; parallel computers and mobile devices in order to spread and maximize the benefits of such applications to a large user-community.
Furthermore, it is intended that this track would prove significant for establishing collaboration with scholars in Quran recitation, interpretation and Prophetic traditions from the Islamic University in Madinah and possibly other Islamic universities and institutions.

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