Track of Quranic Recitations

The first track of research serves the science of recitation methods and the narrations of each, such as Al-Chatebei's seven recitation methods, the ten recitations of Al-Durra, and Al-Tayibah for the ten major recitations. Moreover, through education and recitation of the Holy Quran using various recitations as found in many Islamic countries, this track will work in research that harnesses I.T to accommodate the principles of Tajweed and provides reviewing mechanisms for readers' of the various recitations.
One of the pillars of this Center would be to use this track for the implementation of the project for teaching the seven recitations using I.T for teaching and training of the Holy Quran and thereby allow recitation of the Holy Quran using the seven recitation methods of Al-Chatebei. In support of this objective, previous research concentrating on the development of a program specific to the science of recitations and its application to the first quarter of the thirtieth Juz/part of the Holy Qur'an has been evaluated and accepted by the Seminar for the Holy Quran and contemporary techniques at the King Fahd Quran Complex.
This track will enable the Center to cooperate with the King Fahd Quran Complex, with an oral agreement made initially as a starting point.

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